Recommended Products

All these products are over-the-counter and can be purchased from

EltaMD Sunscreen

We recommend sunscreen SPF30+, broadband UVA and UVB protection, and mineral ingredients (zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide).

CeraVe Under Eye Repair Cream

Under eye hyperpigmentation and shadowing is a difficult condition to treat, but this usually helps to partially improve it.

Hibiclens Antibacterial Soap

This is a good antiseptic treatment for acne on the back. Do not get it in the eyes or ears! Rarely, people can be allergic to Hibiclens.

Vanicream Moisturizing Body Cream

A large (one pound!) jar of a bland, fragrance-free moisturizer. This moisturizer can be used on any part of the body.

CeraVe SA

A good product with salicylic acid (SA) to help with bumpy upper arms (keratosis pilaris or “chicken skin”).

Salicylic Acid Plaster

This plaster is applied to warts, and it will help to slowly peel the wart away. Be absolutely sure it is a wart before treatment. A minority of times, it is not a wart--abnormal growths can sometimes mimic warts (such as a verrucous carcinoma). Please consult a dermatologist before treatment.

Coolibar Sun protective Clothing

The weave is tighter than average clothing so less sun penetrates--plus, the clothing is still stylish!

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